One Britain One Nation – it's that simple. A clear message that embraces all of us, irrespective of race, nationality, faith, colour or creed; whether we were born in Britain or choose to live here.

One Britain One Nation brings us together, not to focus on our differences but to celebrate the values we share: tolerance, kindness, pride, respect, and a tremendous desire to help others.

Today's Britain boasts a wonderful array of cultures. It is our multicultural identity that makes Britain so unique.

Our diverse cultures are inextricably linked by the sole fact that we are British.

It is this fact that has prompted OBON to reinforce and revive what collectively unites us.

OBON aims to give a new impetus for the creation of a harmonised society, to make Britain an international model of moral rectitude.

OBON wants to utilise the strength of all our people to build a proud nation where everyone has a strong shared sense of belonging and aspires to play an important role in the life of our nation, the future for our children.

Our broad diversity is a quintessential illustration of the progress of British society. OBON is devoted to galvanising the efforts of people from all backgrounds to rejoice in their pride in Great Britain.

OBON wants to build an even stronger Britain. A society built on compassion, tolerance and harmony based on mutual respect.

OBON is a non profit making organisation, free from political or religious affiliations. It is inclusive of all our people regardless of their background.

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