Our Common Identity

The British have never been one separate people. We have always been a melting pot of ideas, cultures and language and it's that all-embracing philosophy that makes us great.

Being British is not a way of overwhelming other cultures; quite the opposite.

The ideal is based on a set of values, a spirit, a way of living and a state of mind that is ultimately about shared values of tolerance, respect, fair play, a belief in freedom and democracy. It is about seeking to create a single culture that embraces and accommodates differences without over-emphasising and reinforcing them. It is one which is inclusive, meaningful and capable of restoring civil pride and creating unity of purpose with a strong sense of belonging for all. It is a national mission with a patriotic vision that unifies people with a common bond of working for the future of our country.

Virtues such as honesty, kindness, hard work, freedom, fair play, common decency, liberty and tolerance will be the central traits of being British.

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